EMA.M Artist

Emmanuelle Masson “EMA.M” was born in Paris in 1963. Painting or her bubble, as she calls it, has shaped her life from childhood to adulthood. Beyond a passion, it is also an addiction….
After successful art studies abroad, a stay at Saatchi & Saarchi and a determined career in modeling and advertising, EMA.M quickly realized that she felt incomplete without her bubble, that something was missing in her life. When she realized “my bubble is my refuge,” she finally felt alive again and free of all restrictions. Painting is now a constant part of her life, where she expresses, communicates and shares.

In 2006 her work was presented to the public for the first time: New York, Cannes, Paris, Istanbul… In September 2012, EMA.M received the first prize (“Artist of the World”) for painting at the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Cannes. She exhibited a collection that contained an interpretative portrait of Picasso that was well received by the event’s sponsor: Mrs Marina Picasso.

Fascinated by the exciting flair of Berlin, EMA.M left Cannes behind in December 2016 to find her new home there. She absorbed the culture, people and lifestyle of the metropolis like a sponge which also had impact on her art.

EMA.M conveys her emotions through her art. This art feeds from its history, its dreams and its delusions. Her works are heterogeneous collections of different materials, overlays, explosive elements and colors that meet in a psychedelic harmony revealing the soul of the artist. EMA.M loves the abstract and the surreal. The award-winning works in modern pop style are abstract and surreal, yet expressive and intense. Each work of art transports emotions and is part of a story. Her story. EMA.M.