Partnership with Day2Day Gallery – Galerie d’art virtuelle

Day2Day Gallery –
Galerie d’art virtuelle

14.Oktober 2018

EMA.M at Day2Day Gallery

For 2020 Ema.m has signed a cooperation agreement for 20 of her works with the “Day2Day” gallery from Lyon France.
In doing so, she is breaking new ground in the publication and distribution of her works.

In addition to the well-known galleries, more and more art is published and sold via so-called cross-gallery internet platforms such as “ARTSPER” and “ARTIFEXIO”.
This opens up a whole new audience interested in art, and contact with exhibitions, workshops and vernissages is also intensified.

From Ema.m’s point of view, this is the way of the future, especially if, like Ema.m, you live and work in several countries and locations.

Day2Day Gallery is an art gallery working for the popularization of art and the accessibility of it. Based on an online salling platform, it offers artworks at reasonable prices so that everyone can afford a work of art.

At first, Day2Day Gallery chose to produce contemporary and emerging artists, selected for their original artistic personalities and the quality of their works.

Based in Lyon and Montpellier, it favors the promotion of local artists and work in partnership with cultural actors of these two regions. Day2Day Gallery also organizes throughout the year free artistic events (exhibitions, vernissages, workshops, Live Performances …) allowing artists to weave a direct link with their audience.

Created in 2016, Day2Day Gallery today produces international artists from all countries. With its experience on the French scene, the gallery exports regularly and offers collaborations with public or private actors in various major cities (Geneva, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Montreal or New York …)

EMA.M at ArtifexioEMA.M at ARTSPER